Pegasys, with its vast experience in IT solutions, helps bridge talent demands of its customers with staff augmentation and training services. For our esteemed customers, who have a wide variety of projects which require talent and potential for its implementation, we give you the best staff recruits. We get our customers, a highly qualified and specialized personnel for work projects of varied nature and quality, which is particularly outsourcing of manpower on a skill requirement basis. This is basically provided by us to our customers who have cost effectiveness in mind plus when specialization is needed in project work. This includes hiring an individual or team of resources by us.

We, at Pegasys, try to fulfill this demand-supply gap through an efficient hiring process which is focused chiefly on our customer needs to help them achieve their goals. Care is taken in quality control of output or delivery so that our customers get the best to help them augment their business. For implementation of this process, we perform a thorough scrutiny of the recruits to be sure of their capability and their achievements and check whether they are suitable for the project of our customers. In addition to the work experience, work attitude and ethics are also assessed to evaluate the reliability of the recruits so that the work project can be delivered at the promised date and time, hassle free.

We also offer staff training in salesforce services. It bridges the skill gap which further enhances productivity through capacity building for the all round efficiency of the work project of the customer.