Why do we need a CRM ?

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool used for managing the Sales effectiveness of a company’s Sales Team . It helps the company to manage its customers interactions effectively and bridges the gap with them.

How can a Cloud based CRM help over the On Premise CRM?

A Cloud based CRM effectively helps the companies manage its CAPEX and moves it to OPEX. Over a period of time Cloud based CRM is more cost effective than the On Premise CRM since it reduces the CAPEX.

Cloud based CRM uses multi tenancy which helps the company manage its resources effectively and helps in smooth upgrades without effecting the existing system and hence cuts costs.

Do you work on Offshore & Onsite Development ?

We help our customers in both Offshore & Onsite development depending on their business need and budget of the project.

Do you offer Training on Salesforce & Placement assistance?

We offer training and placement assistance for the selected candidates on Salesforce.